The very talented folks at Penobscot Theatre have a cool new show for us all to enjoy!

Like most everyone else, I really miss being out and about, enjoying live music, or a moive, game, or a play, and if you have reached the bottom of the rabbit hole on Netflix, and you have binged everything you can think of, the crew at the Penobscot Theatre have an exciting new show for you to check out.

Everyone has a story. What’s yours? Join twelve actors for original stories told with humor and heart. This show is a true example of a an autobiographical theatrical memoir. Each piece is written and performed by each of the 12 performers. "Flyin’ Solo" brings their personal stories to life, in funny and also dramatic ways.

There are two sepearte casts of 6 actors

The “TAKE OFF” Cast:
Dennis Price, Allen Adams, Birdie Sawyer, Julie Lisnet, Jenny Hart, and my dear friend of many years, AJ Mooney!

Ben Layman, Grace Livingston Kramer, Ira Kramer, Jeri Misler, Zakaria ‘Assasi’ Allaf, Christie Robinson

"Flyin Solo" will be performed live online for a price of $40 per household, and if you are a Penobscot Theatre subscriber, it's $35 per household. For more information this show, and other upcoming events, check out

"Flyin Solo" will be performed on the following dates:

The Take Off cast will perform

  • Thursday, January 21st at 7pm
  • Saturday, January 23rd at 5pm
  • Wednesday, January, 27th at 7pm
  • Friday, January 29th at 8pm
  • Saturday, January 30th at 8pm
  • Wednesday, February 3rd at 7pm
  • Friday, February 5th at 8 pm
  • Saturday, February 6th at 3pm

The Touchdown cast will perfrom

  • Friday, January 22nd at 7pm
  • Sunday, January 24th at 3pm
  • Thurday, January 28th at 7pm
  • Saturday, January 30th at 3pm
  • Sunday, January 31st at 3pm
  • Thursday, February 4th at 7pm
  • Saturday, February 6th at 8 pm
  • Sunday, February 7th at 3pm

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