My sister and I try to FaceTime at least once a week. She has 2 very active boys and I have 4 kids who would literally climb the walls, if I let them.

This past weekend, as we talked, I watched my nephews "exercise" in the background of our call. They ran timed laps through the kitchen, den and living room of my sister's house. They did push-up challenges. Then they moved to the stairs, seeing how many times each could go up and down without quitting.

When they stopped briefly to say hi to "Auntie Cori" they were both red in the face and sweating.

But my sister said it was the first time all weekend that they were busy enough for her to sit and have a conversation.

It's been one of the largest challenges of this Covid-19 pandemic: how to we provide ourselves an outlet for physical activity when we're under so many restrictions? This has become a particularly interesting challenge for parents and educators to undertake, because we all know that children, for the most part, are simply pure energy covered in skin.

If kids don't have an opportunity to expend some of that beautiful energy, it can come out in ways that are destructive instead of productive. And usually, in ways that are going to drive the grown-ups in their lives absolutely bonkers!

When they can get outside and take part in activities like biking or running or going on a hike, it's a little easier. But here in Maine, when the weather gets cold and the conditions make it more of a hassle to go out then stay in, what options do we have for helping kids "get their wiggles out" as I have heard it said?

I looked around for some ideas, and found a few that I thought I would share. Some are pretty simple and easy to do for all ages. Some would be a little more challenging and involved. But either way, they're great ideas to get their little hearts pumping, their minds focused and to give kids a way to blow off some of that steam that they'd otherwise expend during recess or group sports.

The first involves combining music with movement. It can be done with just one, or like featured here, an entire class full of kids. (For the record, while the kid in the left front corner slays this entire routine, I can totally relate to the kid in the back who just can't keep ahold of his ball to save his life. He's my spirit animal.)

This video has some great ideas. I love that the dad has put this together (if mom had done it, the kids would probably not be climbing on top of tables and chairs, because as moms, we spend a lot of time trying to prevent trips to the ER...but I love it because of the dad's perspective...and because the kids really seem to dig it.)

The mom has some super simple and fun ways for keep little kiddos entertained while working out.

And this video really does a great job breaking down some activities that not only give kids an outlet for that energy, but also helps them work on their motor skills, which is also important.

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