Fans can sometimes offer unsolicited opinions and one person in particular did just that when spotting Kim Kardashian out and about this past weekend.

A video posted to Twitter on Sunday (Dec. 19) of someone sharing their thoughts on Kim Kardashian's love life has gone viral. In the brief clip, a male voice is heard telling Kim, who is exiting a movie theater, "Yo, Kim. Kanye's way better. I'm not even gonna hold you."

Numerous reports over the weekend revealed that Kim was seen at a movie theater in Staten Island, N.Y. with Saturday Night Live comedian Pete Davidson, whom the Kardashian sister is reportedly dating. So apparently, the fan feels that Kanye West is a better match for Kim than Pete.

But it doesn't appear that there will be a reconciliation between Kim and Kanye based on reports that have emerged recently. Last week, TMZ published an article that contained legal documents indicating that their "irreconcilable differences" have caused their marriage to "irretrievably break down."

Kim has also filed documents to change her marital status to single.

According to the gossip outlet, Kim also said, "I have been attempting to settle our dissolution with [Kanye] since I filed for divorce in February 2021. I have requested several times that [Kanye] agree to bifurcate and terminate our marital status. [He] has not responded to my request."

She added, "[Kanye] and I both deserve the opportunity to build new lives. Therefore, I am asking that my request to bifurcate and terminate our marital status be granted."

Kim Kardashian filed for a divorce from Kanye back in February.

On the other hand, Kanye appears to be hopeful that him and Kim can patch things up. During the Thanksgiving holiday last month, Ye made efforts in an attempt to try to save his marriage, tagging Kim in a post on Instagram that had a headline detailing that God will bring them back together.

Yeezy also mentioned Kim during his and Drake's Free Larry Hoover concert. While performing his song "Runaway," Kanye altered the lyrics towards the end and said, "Run right back to me!" adding, "More specifically, Kimberly."

Check out the video below of a fan telling Kim Kardashian that Kanye West is presumably better than Pete Davidson.

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