Early in December the small town of Nobleboro, Maine was rocked after a group of teens were involved in a car crash with the driver and all three passengers sustaining injuries. According to News Center Maine, the driver of the vehicle is facing an OUI charge.

Gage York is now in Maine Medical Center in a coma with critical injuries. Because of strict COVID-19 restrictions, his parents cannot be by his side.

Gage will be turning 19 on Monday and the family is requesting birthday cards in hopes that once family is able to visit, they can read them to him. Something that would be just as much a gift to the family as it would be for Gage.

If you could take the time during this busy Christmas season to help this family out with a card, thoughts and prayers, it would be much appreciated.

Cards can be sent to Gage's mom:

Rhonda York
610 West Neck Rd
Nobleboro, ME 04555

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Here are some tips for self-care during the pandemic:

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