It seems like every couple of weeks there is a new scam to be aware of, especially when it comes to vulnerable populations such as Maine's elderly.

York County Sheriff's Office posted to Facebook today what they assumed was a well-being check.

A call came in from what was said to be a nephew, requesting a well-being check on an elderly Limington woman. The man claimed that he was out of town and was worried about his aunt when she wasn't answering his calls.

As it turns out this man had been harassing and scamming this woman, ultimately getting $1,000 from her.

The woman was told that she had won $5,500,000 and a 2021 Mercedes Benz. She was given a code to redeem paperwork from Staples in Windham. The woman was then called again and told by this man to go to the Limington Dollar General and purchase two $500 Visa Cards which would cover the fees for the prizes that she "won".

The perpetrator tried pushing further asking for $9,500 to cover taxes on the prizes. He requested the cash be hidden in the pages of a magazine and mailed to him. Thankfully she said she was not comfortable doing this but he had continued harassing and ultimately frightening the woman according to YCSO.

Sergeant Chauvette happened to be with the woman when the man called again and this time he answered the phone. The man hung up and didn't call back again.

Staples in Windham has been notified of the scam to hopefully prevent this from happening again.

As terrible as this situation is it's a great reminder to educate and be present for those around us who are vulnerable. Whether it be family or neighbors.

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