As the Polar Vortex grabs hold of the state and slaps it with its icy hands, it's hard to imagine anyone having fun outside. But, with the hopes of slightly warmer weather next month (I said hopes, not guarantee) some spots in Maine are trying to coax folks out of their warm hibernation spots to enjoy some of the beauty of the winter.

Fields Pond in Holden has scheduled a "Winter Fun Day" next month. Saturday February 9th, they will have outdoor family activities starting at 10AM. According to their Facebook Page, they will have sleigh rides, winter lake ecology stations, ice-harvesting demos and hands-on ice-science experiments for kids.

As for all things outside the next few weeks, dressing for the weather will be key to whether you enjoy your time outside, or curse Mother-Nature for being such a cold-hearted ice-queen! If you layer it up, and pepper your time outside with moments here and there to thaw out, Maine really is a super beautiful state in the winter time, and there is fun to be had in the great outdoors.

While all Maine Audubon programs at Fields Pond are free for members, there will be a $10 charge for Non-members, or $20 charge for families.

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