If you talk to anyone from away, most of them assume Maine is an arctic wasteland that nobody eve wants to go to. And honestly, I'd rather keep it that way. It helps keep the flatlanders outta my way. But we all know, that even at it's worst, Maine isn't really that cold. Like, right now, at this very minute here on the Acme Road in Brewer, it's a balmy 30 degrees.

Sure, we have the occasional cold snap. We've even been having one the last several weeks at night, with temps dropping to the single digits or lower. But when I start hearing about the kind of stuff that's going on out in the midwest, my whole body tightens up in fear. Seriously. I've been hearing about high temps that start at -30, with a windchill over -50!!!!

That is straight up bull crap! As you see in all the memes online.... I don't want to live anywhere that makes my face hurt. Around here, if I put on a quick ski mask, or a nice bomber hat, I'm warm as all get-out. But if I need to layer in double winter jackets, and multiple pairs of long underwear, I'm out.

So out in Iowa today, where it's -24 degrees before the windchill, folks are discovering that their anti-freeze is, well, freezing! Even that orange stuff that tells you it's still good to go in below zero weather? It doesn't stand a chance against the kind of temps they're seeing out there. It gives me this vision of trying to clean your windshiled, and it spits out ice cubes like on the door of your refrigerator.

But hey.... you don't have to take my word for it. Watch the epic fail yourself. And... enjoy our nice 30 degree day.

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