This is the last week of Daylight Saving Time for 2020. This Saturday night, actually Sunday morning at 2 a.m. to be less intrusive, the clocks fall back. Hurrah for the extra hour of sleep, and the extra hour falling on the weekend too.

Not all agree with switching the clocks every six months back and forth from standard time to Daylight Saving Time. I can’t disagree with those who say pick one or the other and let’s stay consistent year round. That’ll probably start another social media argument about which one it should be. Those who want DST so daylight lasts longer into the evening, and those who would rather have the extra hour of brightness early in the morning. It does get dark pretty early in the winter in standard time.

Since anytime we can get a laugh or a smile in 2020 is a good thing, the Norwegian official responsible for the decision has apologized for adding another hour to what “has already been a very demanding year”  Iselin Nybo is minister of Trade and Industry and says “As minister of time, I strongly regret that 2020 will be another hour longer.”

Parts of America -- Arizona for example -- don’t observe Daylight Saving Time. It’s hot enough in the summer without adding another hour of sunlight to the evenings. One of the radio stations I worked at years ago in Detroit, was actually located in Windsor, Ontario, right on the U.S. – Canada border. And before I worked there one year Michigan did not observe D.S.T., so the deejays gave double time checks. 9 o’clock in Detroit, 10 o’clock in Windsor. Strange.

Good luck with the microwave this weekend, most all the other clocks automatically correct themselves. And remember Alan Jackson and Jimmy Buffett had it right. It's 5 o'clock somewhere.

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