I have met a lot of people throughout the years but very few like my former coworker John.  He grew up in the county, served in the army traveling half way around the world to defend our country, and for a short while, started a family and raised his kids in the Bangor area while working with me at the Red Cross Blood Services. He has since been on new adventures and found a new home on the west coast.

Bangor is missing you, John, for all of kinds of reasons, but, this is the big one ....................... those overalls, ya'll!

I came across this picture in my Facebook feed. If you know John, you automatically laugh because a seductive selfie really isn't his thing. Which is what made this thread even funnier.

But, when you got a good thing, you gotta let it soak into Facebook.  Facebook says, "WEEERRRRRKKKK!"

Now, you're a tiger. Be a tiger!

John stops posing to discover all of the conveniences sown into the his shiny new overalls. This leads him to find a peculiar place for a loop hole, one he uses for his carabiner that holds his keys (true Mainer style, right there).

Plenty of pop culture icons are noted during this session including Zoolander, Bob Ross and George Costanza. But nothing really hit the nail on the head other than the parallel of Mario Brothers. John couldn't help but agree more.

After the flurry of activity of capturing his new overalls to live forever in Facebook history and show them off to the world as we know it, it was time for bed. So he takes his overalls off, takes his shirt off, puts his overalls back on and then goes to sleep.

Good night Blue Steel of Maine, Costanza of New England.

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