Social media in the Bangor area is buzzing with a story out of Corinth.

The Corinth Family Dollar became closed Friday when two employees taped a sign to the windows stating "We Quit!  Bad company to work for."

Bangor Daily News called the district manager of Family Dollar, Albert Dowling, who confirmed the store was closed for about three hours on Friday but would not comment on the situation.

Meanwhile, one of the now former employees, Hannah Mallett, who started working with the discount chain in December commented about the problems that led to this abrupt action:

“The company really was completely unfair with everything they did,” said Mallett, who started working at the store at the beginning of December. “The manager left so we were down to four employees.”

The Family Dollar website states it has 54 stores across the state.  Last March, the chain had announced it was set to close 390 stores across the United States, including stores in Maine, such as Ellsworth and Farmington.

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