Do I turn? Do I wait? Does the other guy get to go?

These are questions I've asked myself a hundred over the years. There's one intersection in Bangor that begs all these and more whenever you get to it, especially during the day when the traffic is at it's heaviest. I doubt there's a lot of accidents in this spot, but it's still super awkward.

Google Street View
Google Street View

The intersection I'm referring to is where Odlin Road meets Ammo Industrial Park. It's one of my least favorite spots to drive through, depending on what direction you're coming from. One way, you're fine. One of the other ways and you're left wondering what your next move might be. The third way isn't bad.

There's a greater irony here as well.

One fun factoid about this spot, is that it's also near on of Bangor's most absolutely dangerous intersections, which is where Odlin Road and I-395 meet. There's accidents galore there on a regular basis. You'd think with the proximity to that intersection, the powers that be would want things nearby to be a little easier to deal with.

But, no. Again, I'm not sure how dangerous it is at Odlin and Ammo Industrial, but it's annoying enough that I've seen people complain about it on social media in an anecdotal context. Some believe it shouldn't stop at all in both directions, but how would you separate the occasional traffic that does go up Ammo Pike. And I can't stress the word occasional enough here. Like almost zero traffic.

Google Street View
Google Street View

I'm not sure there's a way to fix it that would be worth anyone's time or money, but it does feel like the traffic equivalent to Daylight Saving Time. It's useless AF, but we're stuck with it. I'll end my rant here, but I know I'm definitely not the only one who thinks this spot is just... dumb.

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