Do you have artistic talent and want a super large canvas to showcase your design? Is there a message that all need to see made by your imagination? If these ideas excite you, then check out this great opportunity from the Downtown Ellsworth.

The Downtown area has a clean canvas for an artist to work with at Coastal Interiors, 21 Water Street, and is looking for applicants interested in this unique and incredible opportunity to showcase your art in the heart of Ellsworth.

A committee was formed a few years ago by a group of Ellsworth artists and citizens to get the idea off the ground and onto the side of a large building located in Downtown Ellsworth.

The building that will capture the mural is along the Union River and sees 10,000 passerby's a day with 30,000 square feet of canvas to work with.

A 'Request for Qualifications', or RFQ, has been sent out by the Downtown Ellsworth group to find the perfect muralist to adorn this huge building with a wonderful work of art to show off to the world. Eligibility includes being 18 or older and reside full-time or part-time in the State of Maine. You must submit a few things to outline what your idea is, a resume, portfolio and have a budget, among other things to submit for the RFQ, so, serious submissions only.

Those interested can check out the Request for Qualifications info and need to submit the info by October 4th. Next Spring or Fall, will be the installation of the selected project.

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Don't have much skill but want to help with the project? There are many ways you can contribute- donations, time, social media efforts and just telling people about the project.

Find out more information about the group behind the project and the project itself at the 'Heart of Ellsworth' website. Also, check out the 'RFQ' google doc page if you are interested in being a muralist up for consideration.

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