Get the kids out for an adventure by checking out the Bangor Public Library's 2019 Solar Trail.

Right now you can walk the model scaled Solar Trail throughout Bangor with a printable guide provided by the Bangor Public Library.  Start your journey in the library where the sun is located then follow the trail throughout the city.

Make it all the way to Pluto you'll earn get a deal for a sweet treat from Sweet Frog.

After completing your journey of learning all about the solar system, you can fill out a little solar system quiz.  Enter in your answers to the library or online on the Bangor Public Library website to be in a drawing for one of two grand prizes.

Find the various planets until August 28th with the drawing for the grand prizes to take place at the live ReadMe, "Maine Calling" broadcast event happening at the BPL on Thursday, August 29th from 1 PM - 2 PM.

To find out all the details and to gather your resources, head over to the Bangor Public Library on Harlow Street in Bangor or visit the Solar Trail page on their website.  You can also follow the Bangor Public Library on Facebook.

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