A Rockland double stabbing by the couple's roommate started with an argument over underwear left on the bathroom floor.

According to Centralmaine.com, 33-year-old Morgan and 28-year-old Monica Robinson lived in the apartment with 32-year-old George Gilmore, one other unnamed adult, and several children. On Wednesday, police say Morgan complained to Gilmore that he had left his underwear on the bathroom floor after a shower. The argument escalated, with Robinson stating that he didn't like the way the other man treated the children in the home, and suggesting that he was abusive.

Gilmore denied that he was abusive and tackled Robinson from behind. The two fell on a bed where Gilmore repeatedly struck Robinson, Monica tried to break up the fight and suffered superficial wounds, mostly to her arm. She threatened to call the police and Gilmore fled. Monica says she didn't even notice the knife until she realized that Morgan was covered in blood.

Police tracked Gilmore to a nearby Dunkin' Donuts, where witnesses reported they saw a man covered in blood enter the bathroom. He was taken into custody and charged with elevated aggravated assault and aggravated assault. Morgan Robinson was taken to the hospital with stab wounds to his neck and back. At last report, he was listed in satisfactory condition.

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