Do you have family coming in or are you leaving from Bangor International Airport this holiday season? Here's how to know the status of the flights without leaving home.

Storm Delays Northeast Flights
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With this being Bangor's busiest time for outgoing flights as well as the season for the worst flying weather, things can get backed up at the airport. Another common problem are connection flights. Bangor tends to be very prepared with quick runway plowing and efficient deicing, it's the other busier airports who may also be experiencing weather related delays.

If you are worried about your flight being delayed or canceled all you have to do is visit Bangor International Airport's website where they show up-to-date flight status'.

This also shows delays on incoming flights so if you are waiting for a friend or family member to land you can also check their status from home.

Most smart phones also have downloadable flight tracking apps that are not only helpful, but also can be kind of fun. The app that I use even shows where the plane is over a map, and weather details for that area.

Hope that helps! Safe travels!

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