There are three pet cemeteries in Maine and none of them in Stephen King's city! 

Many people love their pets like family, some more than their family, so why shouldn't our loved pets get peaceful, permanent resting places, where they can be visited too? Pet cemeteries are most popular in largely populated cities where more people rent than own.

As Maine's third most populated city in state, Bangor has a lot of apartments or temporary housing and a lot of people moving in and out. So where do you bury your beloved pet when the worst happens? The closest pet cemeteries to Bangor currently are in Lewiston, Parsonsfield and Saco.

Now there is a plot of land with markers behind the Bangor Humane Society, but no burial services are offered. The markers were placed there in the 1970s when pet owners could purchase them to remember their pets.

In 1896, a New York veterinarian let a grieving dog owner bury her pet on his apple orchard. Today this is the resting place for more than 70,000 pets and gave birth to pet cemeteries across America.

When Stephen King wrote his 'Pet Semetary' he was inspired by a makeshift pet cemetery in Orrington near Bangor. How great would it be to have a real pet cemetery inspired by Stephen King?! Also as Mt. Hope Cemetery was a location for the filming of the movie, we think this would be a fitting place for a real pet cemetery.

So what do you think? Do we need one?