Over the years, UFO reports have come from, let's put it kindly, less than reliable sources. But now, the former commander of a Naval squadron from the carrier USS Nimitz, is sharing a very credible story about a UFO encounter.

And there's actual footage released by the US government that just might back his story up.

In a report from the Boston Globe, former Naval pilot David Fravor, who is originally from New Hampshire, said he had an encounter with a UFO in 2004 just over 100 miles off the coast of San Diego.

In the story, Fravor recalled going out to investigate a mysterious object on a calm, clear day. He reported a 3-to-5 minute encounter with an object that "looked like a 40-foot-long Tic Tac," which maneuvered around the sky about a half-mile from his plane before flying away at tremendous speed. “What’s unique about [our encounter] is we physically interacted and chased it,” he said in the story. “We literally engaged it.”

What is different about this story is that the Defense Department has released video from the encounter that shows the object from the jets' radar screens, and the images back the story told by Fravor.


There is also similar video also released by the government of a similar encounter on the East Coast.


So, do you believe?



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