If the video above looks familiar, don't worry! People all across the world are seeing it  and it's not UFOs.

Saturday, Bangor and other parts of Maine got to witness the pass-by around 9 p.m.of Starlink, a row of nine satellites orbiting the earth.

Starlink is a product of Elon Musk's SpaceX company that will deliver high-speed broadband internet to Northern United States and Canada this year. The service will expand worldwide in 2021.

When will it be back, you ask?

Locations across Maine will be able to see the string of satellites with good visibility Sunday, April 26 around 8:35 p.m. But, depending on where you live will determine where you will need to look in the sky to see the new modern marvel.

  • Portland: look northwest to southeast
  • Augusta: look from northwest to southeast
  • Bangor: look from northwest to southeast
  • Millinocket: look west to south
  • Jackman: look west to south
  • Machias: look west to south
  • Caribou: look west to south

There are some locations in Maine -- including Millinocket, Portland and Caribou -- that will have another chance in the coming days to see Starlink,

Check out this webpage dedicated to check when Starlink will pass by in your neck of the woods in the next few weeks.

Here's a list of coordinates for towns in Maine which you will need to enter in to find when Starlink is coming your way.

Bangor: 44.7016 N,  68.7712 W

Millinocket:: 45.6573 N, 68.7098 W

Portland: 43.6591 N, 70.2568 W

Augusta: 44.3106 N, 69.7795 W

Jackman: 45.6240 N, 70.2522 W

Machias: 44.7151 N, 67.4614 W

Caribou: 46.8640 N, 67.9980 W

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