Authorities in Maine have positively identified the human remains found more than a decade ago in Stacyville as those of a Massachusetts man.

The remains were found by a hunter off Route 11 on November 4, 2010.

On Monday, the Office of Chief Medical Examiner, in collaboration with Maine State Police, announced the remains were those of Christopher Roof of Massachusetts. He was last seen in 2010. Investigators used DNA to confirm the identity.

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Roof had no known connection to Maine, police said. His family never reported him missing because they believed he wanted to stay estranged, police said.

Police kept the investigation open although they had exhausted all leads. It was a tip from a former acquaintance of Roof that helped investigators to connect with Roof’s family. From there, a DNA test confirmed the identity.

Police said the official cause and manner of death are listed as undetermined because of the state of the remains.

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