It's something that started to happen even before Covid-19 and social distancing became household words; people have stopped getting to know their neighbors.

Maybe it's because we spend so much time inside, on computers, instead of out in our yards, making small talk with those who live around us? Maybe people have more of a need for privacy, where so much information is exchanged at every turn, that it makes them feel safer to stay away from others?

I don't know what the issue is. And, thankfully, the experience I have had in my neighborhood has been a little different.

For instance, last night, my kids and I were invited up the road to a neighbor's house to check out the full moon, and few other fun things, on a big telescope he'd brought outside and set up in his driveway!

Cori Skall

He called me up after dinner and asked if the kids had gone to bed yet. I said no. And he asked if they'd like to come check out Jupiter and the full moon on the telescope?

Cori Skall

So after their chores were done, they had showered and brushed their teeth, dressed in PJs and hoodies, we walked up the road.

Cori Skall

He met us with binoculars at first, so the kids could get a feel for what they were looking at.

Then he brought out the telescope and aimed it up...

Cori Skall

From the biggest to the smallest, the kids were in awe--and so excited to have the opportunity to be doing something super cool at bedtime!

We saw Jupiter and its moons. We got to see Saturn and its rings. And he zoomed right in on the full moon, so you could see all its craters, bright and dark spots!


(Couldn't get a good pic of it because we were looking through the telescope, but it looked pretty much like this. SO you get the picture.)

Cori Skall

He took the time to explain what they were looking at, how to find some of the more recognizable constellations, and how everything moved with the seasons.

Cori Skall

It is something he was obviously knowledgeable about and interested in, and I am grateful he took the time to share both his knowledge and passion with my kids.

Cori Skall

You never know who will be the one to inspire a young mind. And when neighbors share of themselves and interact, the community at large can benefit from that.

Cori Skall

"Back in the day", as they say, families relied on good neighbors. They became a source of important support to one another. Neighbors were there to keep an eye out on your home if you were out of town, take in packages, maybe even walk the dog, or watch a child, in a pinch.

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The entire concept of being able to go to a neighbor to borrow a cup of sugar stems from people knowing the folks who live around them.

Older neighbors passed down knowledge to the younger generation. The younger folks checked in on the older people around them to make sure they had what they needed.

That's how I grew up. And luckily, that still happens in my neighborhood.

Do yourselves a favor; get to know your neighbors. It could open up a whole new world...(or in this case, galaxy) for you.

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