Everyone out of the pool! That includes you, deer.

Kudos to the Old Town Police Department are greatly in order today, as they saved a deer from drowning in a private swimming pool.

Apparently earlier today the homeowner took notice of a deer nosing around and maybe even eating some of the landscaping in the yard.  After taking notice of this the homeowner took to the porch to shoo off the critter, and shortly later he heard water splashing in the vicinity of the in-ground swimming pool.

Seeing the animal stuck in his swimming pool must have made her heart skip a beat, just as it would for any animal lover.

The homeowner called 911 and got a hold of the Old Town Police Department who sent out Officer Catie Denning.  After a little coercing, the deer was pointed in the right direction and then helped out of the pool by the officer using a special tool that help it from the pool.

Man, we love happy endings!

This is the time of the year that deer are on the move searching for food to fatten themselves up just in time for the winter. They're in the yard eating apples and they're crossing busy roads as well.  As a matter of fact, here are a few tips to avoid hitting a deer from the Maine Department of Transportation.

Anyway, the homeowner in Old Town did the right thing by calling for help and animal lovers near and far thank her for doing so.

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