As you may or may not know, I am a die-hard "Die Hard" fan. I love everything about the movies-being an action movie junky. In fact, I watched Die Hard while giving birth to my first child, and Die Hard 2, while giving birth to my second.

And as a fan, this week I was both the most excited I have been in a while about the possibility of some of my favorite characters returning to the silver screen...and the most disappointed when that moment actually arrived.

All the headlines read "Die Hard Film" coming in October. I could hardly contain myself. But then the film I was expecting was not the film we all received.

Instead, this amazing 2:00 film that was created. Yes, you read that right. It was 2 minutes--and was actually a commercial for DieHard batteries and Advanced Autoparts!

And while I was disappointed that it was only a 2 minute commercial, I was not disappointed by what the creators were able to accomplish in that 2 minute time period. They were able to get many of the original actors from the Die Hard movie franchise back together again after 32 years. 

In the short film, we see our favorite underdog hero, John McClane stuck in a car that won't start. As he walks the dark streets on his way to a well-lit Advanced Autoparts store for some help, he is met by some old familiar foes, including the original Die Hard's computer hacker, Theo, who is back for revenge!

Tipping the hat to the infamous glass-breaking scene in the first movie, McClane bursts through the window of the Advanced Autoparts store, grabs a DieHard battery, and ends up in another familiar scenario, crawling through a small vent to escape, with the battery in tow.

Another fan favorite from the first movie, Argyle the limo driver, ends up accidentally hitting our hero, and then ultimately helping him get back to his car.

There are explosions, gun fights, even a chase with some heavy machinery. Bruce Willis and company deliver all the one-liners we've come to expect from the Die Hard franchise.

And while I was sad that it wasn't feature film length, as a DieHard commercial, it was pretty much as perfect as you could get (minus Alan Richman being absent, obviously--and for obvious reasons.) And knowing that Willis was pretty much done with the franchise after the 3rd film "Die Hard With A Vengence", and has gone on record regretting his part in many of the other flicks, it's probably for the best.

If this is how we're going to start off the holiday commercial season in what has arguably been one of the worst years on record, I'm okay with that. There might be hope for 2020 after all.


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