The first episode of the second season for Dana White’s “Looking For A Fight” YouTube show was released online after the filming occurred in the Bangor area this past August.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship President came back to his roots in Maine to film the show which features White, along with former fighters Matt Serra and Din Thomas, competing in various activities and then watching a mixed martial arts card hosted by New England Fights.

Among the activities that the guys participated included go-kart racing, a hot dog eating contest, a demolition derby, and a private concert around various locations in the Bangor area.  Venues shown in the video include the High Tide Restaurant in Brewer, the Downunder Club in Bangor, the Bangor State Fair, W.A. Bean & Sons, and Winterport Dragway.

During the filming of the fight card, White and company were impressed with local fighter Devin Powell who was ultimately signed to the promotion (he’ll compete on January 14th against Jordan Rinaldi) and Ricardo Lucas Ramos from Brazil.

*Warning: the video does contain profanities

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