I can't be the only one who has thought, 'those are too short!'

Honestly. I have watched the 14-year-old leave the house in shorts that are barely there! And on top of being short, they are ripped to hell! Well, Jason Hilley, a dad in Orlando, Florida decided to challenge his daughter with his own version of short shorts.

It's been a pretty popular dad move and has over 27 million views since Wednesday. I would do the same, but I couldn't pull off those shorts as well as that Orlando dad! Please tell me I'm not alone with the horror that is summer and these shorts! I am grateful to Jason to share the horror with his teen daughter. How do I know she is horrified? Oh, the picture tells it all..

My god! I think we have those same shorts in our house! The kid's...not the dad's.

Parenting 101! - Brilliant AND brave. I don't think I have it in me to try this...

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