Bangor's most famous resident, Stephen King, celebrated his 72nd birthday this weekend. And while it's not unusual to pass by his house on West Broadway and see a few folks out in front of his gate taking pictures, the crowd on Saturday seemed just a little bit bigger than usual, according to his neighbor, Kyna B. Rancourt.

"I was driving by and saw lots of people, then the Clown. I wasn't going to stop at first, because I always see people in front of Stephen King's house, but I turned around because I love photography and this was telling a story in the photograph."

Rancourt, who lives in one of the old Bangor Theological Seminary buildings, says she was heading to the store about 2 p.m. Saturday afternoon, when she was inspired, by the clown, to stop by.

"There was probably ten or twelve people at a time. There was a large canvas that people were signing...I walked up to the Clown, there was a sound machine playing an evil laugh (pretty funny I thought) I said 'You're the Hit of the Day' and he said Thank You."

She said the clown was very nice, and was in fact offering folks passing by a hug! "He was being funny when taking pictures with people because he would rub their head like a scary Clown sort of way. He was offering hugs and people were thrilled to get their pictures taken with the Clown."

Rancourt snapped a photo of the clown, but didn't catch his/her name, so for now, that remains a mystery. She then posted that photo and her story on social media, and the rest is history.

Do you know who the masked clown was? Did you stop and take a picture with it? (or should I say, IT?) If so, we want to know and see! Share your photos with us on our Facebook page! And thanks, Kyna, for sharing your story!

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