Maine has been in the throws of a humidity streak the past couple of weeks with some relief in sight this weekend, but not for long according to forecasters.

But, who would have thought that a refrigerated case of desserts at the Old Town Governor's Restaurant would have been a victim of this oppressive humidity?  #HumidityProbs

Check out this incredible video Governor's posted on their Facebook page of one of their refrigerated display cases exploding due to the extreme humidity. The video is appropriately titled "Humidity's got me like...":

The video shows a waitress casually grabbing a bottled beverage from a near by refrigerator at the entrance of the restaurant across from a cash register and two dairy cases.  As she walks away, the farthest of the two dairy cases refrigerating fudge, whoopie pies and other various desserts, spontaneously explodes and glass flies everywhere. Lastly, you see a worker in the back looking on in stunned amazement as another jumps up with their hands up.

The restaurant assures no one was hurt during the incident.

Facebook lit up and could not control itself watching the video 3,000 times and by sharing the video 100 times within the first hour of it being posted.

Comments ranged from gratefulness that no one was injured to trying to breakdown the science of the video to being absolutely dumb-founded.

Of course, you could always credit the paranormal...

Now that we know no one was hurt during the incident, there is one more question that needs to be answered...

Phew.  Hang in there.

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