Counting Crows took a big yellow taxi to Bangor and Rob Thomas got here at 3 a.m., but they put on the perfect show!

After a set from the the multi-talented K Philips, it was clear that former Matchbox Twenty front man Rob Thomas brought just as many fans as Counting Crows and he brought the energy-- one of the most energetic acts I've ever seen on the waterfront in Bangor. Thomas captivated the crowd with his solo songs like "Mockingbird." "Fire on the Mountain" and the popular "This is How a Heart Breaks." Nostalgia was in the air when he played a few Matchbox Twenty covers like "Unwell," "3 A.M." and "Bent."

One of the highlights of the night was a David Bowie cover of "Let's Dance." It was the perfect tribute. Of course Thomas also did a Santana-less version of "Smooth." With a very impressive band, every song sounded like it was straight off the album!

The weather was perfect and the crowd was on their feet when Counting Crows took the stage playing classics like "Mr. Jones," "Sullivan St.," "Come Around," "Mrs. Potter's Lullaby," "It's Been a Long December" and the Joni Mitchell cover "Big Yellow Taxi."

Newer songs like "Elvis Went to Hollywood," "Cover Up The Sun" and "Scarecrow" were also very well done and a lot of fun!

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