Did you know November 13th is World Kindness Day? I didn't either. Not until I started seeing "Kindness Day" posts all over social media. Which got me thinking...I get that its nice to set aside a day to make people aware of certain things, or to celebrate days of historical significance. I even get celebrating silly things, like National Pants Day, or Eat A Donut Day. But kindness?

It strikes me as odd that we should celebrate a concept we should all be practicing daily. It would be like having a "World Breathing Day", or "World Put Your Car In To Park Before You Get Out Of It Day!" Don't get me wrong, I'm all for kindness! ALL for it. But what does it say about us as people if we need a special day to remember to be kind?  And is one day of kindness really enough?

As we're in the middle of our yearly turkey drive here at the station, and people from all over the area are practicing kindness by donating their money, time and frozen poultry to families in need across Eastern Maine, I just have to chuckle at the concept of one specific day of kindness. I've found that kindness often spreads when put into action. Kindness is something people can and should celebrate every day, in my humble opinion. And they often do, as this week's generosity proves. So absolutely celebrate kindness. But do it every day, not just on one day. Let's make kindness a way of life, not something we need to remember. Let's make being kind such an ordinary and regular thing, that it would be silly to celebrate it--because its so normal.

Just a thought.

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