Closed captions are far from an exact science. According to, live news closed captioning is done by stenographers. Stenographers are the people you often see in courtrooms typing away like crazy. How do they keep up? Well, they're not typing on traditional keyboards. Stenographers don't just work in courtrooms, they can specialize in broadcast stenography. If you've never seen a stenographer in action, it's really quite impressive.

Sharon Rose Vaznis, long-time News Center Maine anchor was done dirty this morning on The Morning Report by closed captioning. But to be fair, if you're not familiar with Sharon, Vaznis can be tricky. Like classic [work] sibling rivalry, Sharon's co-anchor Lee Goldberg was all too delighted to share the error on Instagram.

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Closed captioning knows what’s up @sharonvaznewz

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Sharon Rose Badness?! How rude! No worries, Sharon, revenge is sweet. Hit me up if you want me to Photoshop Lee Goldberg's face onto Lee Nelson's body.

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