According to News Center Maine, Central Maine Power will be facing a class action lawsuit against it's utility customers.

The Augusta law firm Lipman & Katz announced on Tuesday through a press release that this law suit will be filed on Thursday due to the increasing claims that the utility supplier had grossly over charged it's customers.

According to CMP's website, the electricity supplier serves more than 600,000 people. It's service area is 11,000-square-miles larger than the states of Massachusetts and Rhode Island combined and contains about 78 percent of Maine's population and major commercial and manufacturing centers.

The suit is being filed with two other law firms on behalf of the customers of Central Maine Power.

The law firm's release shares information that led to the decision to file:

As a result of our investigation it is estimated that over 97,000 customers of Central MainePower Company have been overcharged 50% or more on their utility bills, and another 200,000customers have been overcharged up to 50%.

The press release states that over 200 people have contacted the law firm to be included in the class but other groups have reached out as well:

Inaddition, a group has been formed under the leadership of Patrick Milligan and now under the leadershipof Judith Hopkins called
“CMP Ratepayers unite” that has over 4,800 members. These members have joined together to pursue their claims for having been overcharged by CMP.


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