When you think tequila, you think margaritas and summertime!  And, with the weather starting to get better that's an excuse for me to be presenting this to you.  But, I like tequila and that's why we are talking about this.

Oh, it's almost Cinco de Mayo... there's another reason why but, again, it's just because I like alcohol.

Annnnd, I also like fried things... and who'da thunk to put fried things and tequila together?  The gods of Cinco de Mayo probably had a hand in this, I'm guessing.  Mucho gracias, Cinco de Mayo gods.

Here's a video of how to make yourself some of these fried tequila shot treats for your next adult get together.

Your ingredients include tequila, angel food cake, lime juice, and powdered sugar.  Cube up your cake, mix your liquids and pour them over the cake.  Then heat up some canola oil and fry it up!  Sprinkle the powdered sugar, and maybe some cinnamon, too, for a churro-tequila mash-up.

It's pretty straight forward, which is how I like my tequila and my fried foods. If you ate this during the day would this count as day drinking?  Seriously, this is an honest question.

Try it out.

This could create a new phrase we can put into the American lexicon: cake drunk.  It would be an adjective.  In a sentence, someone would say, "I would say you are cake drunk from the fried tequila shots you ate because the Jennifer I know wouldn't have stripped her clothes off and licked everybody's faces."

Comiendo feliz!

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