Maine Folk Music and Dance Video Series is showcasing the music and dance of the cultures of Maine using Zoom.  Every Tuesday, spend your lunchtime from noon to 1 PM checking out an hour of performance and asking your questions with the artists.

The nonprofit Yarmouth music school 317 Main Community Music Center is presenting a new video every week that features presentations and a chat with artists that represent Maine artists, musicians and dancers through a Zoom presentation.

Register to be part of the hour-long weekly events by filling out the Contact form and choose which of the last two video sessions you'd like to be a part of.

Joining in on the Zoom presentation and Q&A is free but a donation option is available as well.

The contact form asks for your firs and last name, address, email and a one-time donation to support this and future events from 317 Maine Community Music Center, then entering in payment information.

This month, there have already been two video lectures presented. These presentations and Q&A's have included:

  • May 4th: Don and Cindy Roy: Franco Acadian Fiddle and Piano
  • May 11th: David Sanipass: Mi'kmaq Storyteller, Flute Maker and Musician

The upcoming video and chat sessions to look forward to are:

  • May 18th: Maritime and Works Songs with Bennett Konesni
  • May 25th: Congolese Dance and Drumming with Grace Kapinga

Follow the 317 Main Community Arts Center on Facebook to stay up-to-date with the organization and to stay abreast with their upcoming events and check out their website at for upcoming events, workshops and other musical performances and opportunities.

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