Today is National Wine Day and Maine has a quiet, yet solid wine selection from growers and producers right here in the state.

Maine provides some exquisite traditional and specialty wine just down the road with unique offerings you can't find anywhere else.

The Maine Winery Guild is a group that supports the of growers and businesses a part of the Maine wine industry. Their website Maine Wine Trail takes you on an adventure throughout the state listing locations where you can find Maine wine at it's sources as well as locations where you can purchase Maine wine.

Their Wine Trail Map on their website showcases the many wineries, specifically 29 participants, across the state and shows that no matter where you are situated in the State of Maine, you'll be able to find Maine wine close by.

You can also download a passport to keep track of your winery excursions at the website, as well. This passport could get you some free swag after 6 visits to participants on the Maine Wine Trail.

Maine wine comes in many forms including traditional grape wine but also fruit wines. Other beverages are also showcased including meads, ciders, distilled spirits and fortified wines.

If you plan on visiting the wineries, be sure to call ahead to see what the current COVID-19 protocols are.

Enjoy National Wine Day with some Maine wine. Check out our Maine winery gallery to find a location and winery specialty that is perfect for you and your posse.

Winerie's of Maine

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