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Usually, a Back to Hogwarts celebration takes place around this time of year in the city of London, specifically at King's Cross Station.  This year, due to coronavirus but luckily for everyone around the world that can't just take any old jaunt to England, the celebration will take place online.
Starting Thursday and going through the weekend, the annual celebration of going 'Back to Hogwarts' will kick-off the new school year with other Harry Potter fans worldwide and online.
Throughout the weekend, various activities will be ready to try at the Back to Hogwarts Hub, including craft videos, trivia, quizzes and puzzles.
The weekend will lead to a livestream event that will take place Tuesday, September 1st at 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM  in England.  For us in the eastern part of the United States, that would be Monday night on August 31st from 7:30 PM - 8:30 PM  Eastern Standard Time.
The website specifies what to expect during the livestream event, to take place on YouTube and Facebook, to conclude the festivities:
"Expect to see cameos from familiar faces from the Harry Potter films (such as James and Oliver Phelps, Jason Isaacs and Bonnie Wright) and members of the Cursed Child production, join us in a special Wizarding World trivia game, and see how fans around the world are celebrating Back to Hogwarts."
For more on being a part of this year's digital experience of this annual event, go to the Back to Hogwarts Hub on the Wizarding World website.

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