Cats are smart. Sometimes too smart when you need to take them to the veterinarian. All it takes is one trip to the vet and from then on, they can always sense where they are going before you even grab your keys. I get it. Would you like to be put in an enclosed space, taken to the car and then brought in to see the doctor who is going to do who knows what to you?

The Greater Androscoggin Humane Society took the time to share some helpful tips on their Facebook page on how to get your cat to actually enjoy spending time in a carrier making it easier for you to get them to the vet.

Getting your cat into the carrier and getting it to stay calm can be a big challenge. GAHS recommends you spend time helping your cat get used to the carrier by leaving it out and open for them to go into anytime they please. Cats do like small spaces like this. How many times have you had an open box lying around only to find your cat has jumped into it? Having it there all the time becomes normal for the cat over time and not a sign of  "Uh oh! We're going to the vet!"

To make it more inviting GAHS says to put some toys and cat treats in the carrier as you get your cat acclimated to it and making it one of its favorite places to relax. Putting down a blanket will be hard for a lot of cats to resist not going inside to lounge.

One commenter said that she finds soft or mesh carriers like the one shown in the photo work better than hard plastic ones, which makes sense.

Every cat is different, so you may not see the same results as others though. In that case, good luck. But fingers crossed that these tips work for you.

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