On Saturday, December 18, from 9:30 AM to 11 AM, there will be a special cocoa stand set up in Hathorn Park in Pittsfield to raise money for the local skating rink in town.

Pittsfield resident and Skating Rink Committee Chair, Lindsay Holmstrom, says aside from a warm, delicious beverage, local law enforcement and firefighters will be on hand with their cool vehicles. Santa might even make an appearance. Holmstrom says the recently resurrected rink has brought real joy to the Pittsfield community.

"We brought the rink back to life in 2019 at Pinnacle Park as it had been dormant for almost a decade or so and we have had wonderful donors make it possible to get it going again. A group of dedicated volunteers work together to fundraise, construct the rink each winter (just 2x12s and brackets and a liner), the town fire department volunteers and fills it and helps make ice all season long, and the rec dept. runs a learn to skate and small learn to play program as well."

Holmstrom says the rink gave folks a bit of a respite and a place to go when much of the state was quarantined in the early days of Covid.

Kyle and Lindsay Holmstrom and Van Nyugen
Kyle and Lindsay Holmstrom and Van Nyugen

"Last year during Covid, the rink was one of the only outdoor recreational options for the kids in this community and we make the best of it."

As they've rallied before, she said the community really got behind the idea of a place for everyone to play, outside.

"We even raised money to buy an adaptable skating sled for a boy in our community that is in a wheelchair and have increased accessibility to make it possible for him to get to the ice and use his sled here at the rink in Pittsfield."

Kyle and Lindsay Holmstrom and Van Nyugen
Kyle and Lindsay Holmstrom and Van Nyugen

Holmstrom says there will be other fundraisers throughout the winner, should you miss this one. But she invites everyone to come to see the rink for themselves.

"The volunteers make up a 'snow response team' each storm and we all grab a shovel and meet over there to clear the rink for the community to enjoy it. We even had a generous donor help us put up lights that come on every night and a sound system so we can jam out while we skate. It's a pretty special little gem in this community."

Keep an eye out on The Skating Rink's Facebook Page for more details.

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