Two teenagers, suspected in connection with dozens of car burglaries, were arrested after police found them handcuffed together behind a convenience store.

Police were called to the Lisbon store on a tip about a suspicious vehicle. When they arrived at the store, they found a disabled pickup at the gas pumps. Then they found two boys behind the store, joined by handcuffs that had been stolen from a vehicle during a burglary spree overnight.

Because of the handcuffs, police connected the teens to more than 40 car burglaries in the town of Lisbon during the overnight hours of May 9th and 10th. Police say all the vehicles were parked in private driveways on Center, Pleasant, and Plummer Streets.

Investigators aren't sure why the boys were handcuffed together, but suspect it happened accidentally while they were playing around with them. Several stolen items were found with the teens, while other items were found discarded nearby, including knives, GPS units, flashlights, and loose change. The disabled pickup had been taken by the boys from a friend without permission, but no charges are expected in that case.

Lisbon Police continue to investigate and hope to hear from anyone who hasn't reported that their car was burglarized during that time. Investigators say this case is not connected to the Felony Lane Gang, a Florida-based syndicate that goes to extreme measures to forge and cash stolen checks.

Mainers are reminded to avoid falling victim to car burglars by locking their doors and either removing or hiding valuables.