Brewer Police have arrested one person in connection with a pair of threats made against two local schools.

Where Was the First Threat?

According to Brewer Police, they've been investigating two threats made against two different schools in their district. As a result of that investigation, one person has been arrested, who they say is a student. The first threat was made in connection with Brewer High. School officials became aware of the threat on Wednesday after students had gone home for the day. Brewer Police say the communication suggested that there was going to be a school shooting on Thursday, October 6.

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What Led Police to the Suspect?

High school administrators worked with members of the Brewer police into the night, trying to trace the source of the threat. After interviewing multiple witnesses and examining electronic evidence, a suspect was identified and ultimately determined to be responsible. Officials verified that the threat was a hoax and charged the student with terrorizing. The student's name has not been released.

Where Did the Second Threat Originate?

Once that investigation was completed, a second communication was received by administrators threatening the Brewer Community School. Investigators looked into that threat, as well, and determined it was not only a hoax but had originated from out of state. There's no word about whether police have identified the person who communicated the second threat or from which state it originated.

Both Brewer High School and Brewer Community School plan to open, as usual, on Thursday. The school resource officers will be on duty in both locations.

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