Mainers are smart people.

If you trace back through history, you'll find plenty of smart Mainers who put their brains to work helping out the rest of the world. The sewing machine was invented by a Mainer. The donut hole. Even the machine gun. All things, that by modern standards, we can't live without in this day and age. Yes, even the donut hole.

Can you imagine a world with no Munchkins?! I don't even want to think about it. But, as history has shown, most of the inventors of the things I listed above, sadly have no real name recognition. Did you know Helen Blanchard invented the sewing machine? Or Hans Gregory invented the donut hole? Probably not.

One Mainer's life-saving invention may get him on a US $1 coin.

Bernard Lown is a name you have not likely heard. But his invention, the cardiac defibrillator, is arguably one of the most important inventions/discoveries of our entire lifetime. You see them everywhere. Even in office buildings or places of work. Defibrillators are always nearby in case of the direst emergencies.

In honor of such an incredible gift to the entire world, Lown is being considered to have his likeness minted onto a US $1 coin. According to Maine Public and the Sun Journal, the advisory committee for the US Mint has endorsed Lown to appear on a coin from their "American Innovations" program.

The coin would feature his face, and also the cardiac defibrillator. How cool is that? Gov. Janet Mills suggested Lown to be featured on this coin, to highlight Mainer's innovations. The coin should be released sometime in 2024.

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