Brewer Cat

When the folks at a Brewer garage started working on a car, they didn't expect to see two feline eyes looking back at them from the engine compartment.

It wasn't a typical morning at Precision Auto in Brewer. A customer brought in their car to be checked out, and so owner Jim Boucher and his employees popped the hood. As they looked for the trouble, they found a furry feline sitting on the engine. She had crawled into a pretty small space, so it took a little doing to get her out.

When they were finally able to pull her from the bottom of the car, they found that she had been lightly singed, but was otherwise healthy. Jim and his wife and co-owner of the garage, Michelle Harmon, dubbed the cat 'Santa Fe,' after the car they found her in, and gave her some refreshments while they decided what to do with her.

The business is located on Abbott Street, next to the on-ramps for I-395, which sits in a residential area. They assume the cat probably came from a local house or possibly one of the nearby apartments. For now, 'Santa Fe' is lounging at the Bangor Humane Society, hoping her owner stops by soon, If not, she will be put up for adoption.

The folks at Precision Auto encourage residents to check their cars before starting them up, especially as the weather gets cold. It's not unusual for animals to crawl into engines to get warm, once the temperatures begin to drop.

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