Deputy Mayor Thomas Morelli has resigned his post with the Brewer City Council after admitting that racial posts on his Facebook page were not the result of hackers.

Morelli originally told Brewer police the derogatory and inflammatory comments on his Facebook page -- some of a racial nature pertaining to the death of George Floyd -- had been posted by a person or persons falsely using his name. However, an investigation by the Brewer Police Department revealed it was actually Morelli, himself, who had made the posts and he had lied to police.

Thomas Morelli, courtesy City of Brewer
Thomas Morelli, courtesy City of Brewer

Morelli was issued a summons by the Brewer police for filing a false report and has submitted his resignation from the Brewer City Council.

His resignation statement was released by the City of Brewer:

"To the City of Brewer, its citizens, my fellow City Councilors and Brewer staff, I offer my deepest apologies and heartfelt remorse for any shame I brought upon all of you with my terrible comments on Facebook. It has never been in my character to discriminate, and I have always welcomed people of all creeds, colors, genders and races as friends and clients. I am ashamed of my comments and behavior. The public trust of a City Councilor is vital to the citizens, and I breached that with my participation in Facebook trolling. Therefore, I hereby tender my resignation from the Brewer City Council. What has occurred is not worthy of a public official. The high standards of the Brewer City Council and it's elected members cannot be compromised. I will ask for eventual forgiveness as I try in my private way to make amends. At no time were any of my comments a reflection of the City of Brewer, the City Council, or any Brewer staff, nor my family. I accept full responsibility for my severe failure in judgement. I resign with deepest regrets. - Thomas Morelli. 

Mayor Jerry Goss has accepted Morelli's resignation and said, in a media release, that his actions are, in no way, a reflection of the community.

Morelli is also well known as a local photographer.

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