The Boston Celtics were down 21 points halfway through the third quarter, in Cleveland, without Isaiah Thomas and beat the Cavaliers 111-108. How about that for drama?

Avery Bradley's last second three-pointer bounced around the rim before dropping through the net and it capped off one of the great underdog comebacks in NBA playoff history.

Filling in for the injured Thomas, Marcus Smart popped in 27 points, including seven three-pointers.

Bradley scored 20. Jae Crowder had 14 points and 11 rebounds. Jonas Jerebko came off the bench to score 10.

Meanwhile, LeBron James finished 11 points. He played the entire 4th quarter without scoring a point.

So the Eastern Conference Finals is now 2-1 Cleveland with game four Tuesday night back in Cleveland. We also know now that there will be a game five back in Boston Thursday night.

NOTE: Both games are live on Sports Radio 92.9 The Ticket.


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