They look kinda like stink bugs, but they're not even related.

There are a lot of bugs that stink if you kill them. Two that come to mind are obviously the common Stink Bug, but also the Conifer Beetle can produce quite an aroma when you step on them. Although it's not as offensive as the Stink Bug. It almost smells like a Pine Sol fart, if you can imagine such a thing.

But I've noticed a new bug on the block recently and assumed it must be related to the two of those bugs, based on its appearance. And you may have noticed them on walls of your home that get a lot of sun. But if you step on these little bad boys, they won't make a smell, but they might stain up your shoes and carpets.

Right now, Boxelder Bugs seem to be everywhere.

Despite their description, they aren't Lady Bugs, nor those weird things that look just like them. The Boxelder Bugs are about half an inch long and have a slender shape about them. They almost look like excessively flamboyant cockroaches. But they love to congregate in huge numbers on surfaces that are warm and toasty, which is why they like the sunny sides of buildings. There's lots of info here...

They're harmless in every way, but they will look for a way into your house if they can find one. Then you're stuck dealing with them. Their only real "weapon" as far as you and I are concerned, is that when you squish them, they make a nasty red splotch, and it will definitely stain your shoes or your floors if you walk around right after.

Any kind of bug that finds its way into your house is kinda gross. Sure, it's better than roaches. Anything is better than roaches. I'd rather have rats, hahaha. There's not a lot you can do about the Boxelder Bugs, but a quick search online says they drown in soapy water quite well. So give them their last bath and say goodbye!

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