The Queen City gets some love from our friends in Beantown!

Chronicle is a show that bills itself as an “Insider's Guide to New England” It airs weeknights at 7:30 on WCVB-TV Channel 5, the ABC affiliate in Boston, Massachusetts. The best way to describe it would be that is similar to the show 207, which airs locally, here on Channel 2.

Last night, reporter Nicole Estaphan, took a 30-minute deep-dive into everything that makes Bangor tick, describing it as “the city at the crossroads of Maine”

She meets a chainsaw artist who transforms dying trees into lasting works of art, and just happens to do some work for a guy that writes horror novels, that maybe you have heard of, so naturally stops to West Broadway, the famous “IT” sewer on the corner of Jackson and Union streets, and the Thomas Hill Standpipe are all in order.

Nicole didn’t leave many stones unturned on her visit to Bangor. She paid a visit to the famous spot on Central street, where gangster Al Brady, was gunned down in 1937.

Some other notable stops include filling up at the legendary Dysart’s, where they mentioned Jack and Sonja Palmer, and their epic “Baked In A Buttery Flaky Crust” ad, which became so famous, Saturday Night Live, did a parody of it. She also stops by 2 Feet Brewing, for a frosty cold one, and even hits the slopes at Hermon Mountain.

Nicole, thanks for visiting! Come back and see us anytime.

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