Most people outside of Maine, have no clue why we love this treat so much. And some people don’t even know these exist!

Chances are that at some point over the long holiday weekend, you either ate, or went someplace where red snapper hot dogs were on the menu, at either a barbecue or at an establishment.

Chronicle is a show that bills itself as an “Insider's Guide to New England” It airs weeknights at 7:30 on WCVB-TV Channel 5, the ABC affiliate in Boston, Massachusetts. The best way to describe it would be that is similar to the show 207, which airs locally, here on Channel 2. They recently paid a visit to the Pine Tree State, to figure out why we love red snapper hot dogs so much.

The first stop is at the legendary Simone's World Famous Hot Dog Stand in Lewiston. Since 1908 Simones’ has been serving their world-famous red hotdogs to thousands. It is family owned and operated and visited by locals, celebrities, and politicians alike.

You can’t talk about red snapper hot dogs, without mentioning Bangor’s W.A. Bean & Sons, the last makers of this delicacy here in Maine. They chatted with employee Sean Smith, who many people around town know very well.

They earned the name “red snapper” because of the color, and the snap sound it makes when you take a bite. This is not a normal occurrence in other parts of the United States. Add in a top split bun, your condiment of choice, and you have a delicious summer treat. However, not everyone feels this way. I have found that when the subject comes up, people have mixed opinions. Some prefer a regular hot dog and have no interest in the red snapper.

Wednesday, July 21, is National Hot Dog Day, so grab a pack, and fire up the grill!

The segment also gave some love to another product that all Mainers know, Needham’s, which are produced out of Saco. This sweet treat features chocolate, coconut and an unlikely state staple: potatoes.

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