You just knew that Uncle Bobby would give his two cents on this topic.

Now that the plastic bag ban is in effect in the state of Maine, lots of folks have some pretty strong opinions, Some are positive about it, and some are not very happy about paying a whopping 5 cents for a paper bag. This seems to be particularly annoying for people who go grocery shopping. Social media has been on fire about this topic, so it only makes sense that the funniest guy in Maine has his take on the issue.

The one and only Bob Marley, posted a funny video on his Facebook page, giving his personal thoughts on the matter, and of course, it is hysterical. I freely admit that I have acquired about 5 paper bags already, so I am not a huge fan of this ban, but it is what it is I guess. At least you can recycle them!

Not only that, he commented on Hurricane Elsa, which dumped a whopping 5.21 inches of rain in Old Town, 4.75 in Orrington, 4.14 in Belfast, and 3.48 here in Bangor. It was a wet one on Friday night, bub.

Bob has a comedy show coming up in Bar Harbor, on Saturday, August 7, at the gorgeous Criterion Theatre. Get your tickets at, where you can see all of his upcoming dates, because he is out on the road, all over New England, and he will make you laugh. It makes for a great night out.

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