Check out this video posted by Joy Barrett of Brewer of a bear hanging out in her backyard.

Barrett posted the video to Facebook on Monday, remarking "A Black Bear came to visit today.."

In the video, you can see the black bear wandering around a wooded property while Barrett seems to be filming near a fire pit behind a fence.  20 seconds into the video, the bear notices he or she has company, gallops away for a few seconds then slows pace to keep sniffing around into the woods.

It was remarked in the comments of the video that the video was taken on Lambert Road in Brewer, which stretches from Eastern Ave in the less populated area of East Brewer to the rural town of Eddington next door.

There have been a lot of bear sightings noted on social media throughout Brewer, Milford and Eddington recently. states black bears are scavengers and will look for food such as food in trash cans, bird seed feeders, livestock food left outside and are known to destroy property looking for food.  Additionally, black bears can destroy gardens looking for food as well as beehives.

If you come across a bear in your backyard, here are some things you can do to make it go away, according to

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