One of the fastest rising stars in music is Billie Eilish. Her music has already garnered over a billion streams on Spotify, and she's beginning to put a stamp on the alt-rock charts as an important artist. Oh, and she's 17. Ridiculous. So it's some of that youthful exuberance that got Billie Eilish on a popular YouTube show called Hot Ones, where she tried different various food and drink and gave her thoughts. One of the things she tried? Maine's classic soda, Moxie.

Shared on Reddit by xrocket21, fast forward the video to about the 6:40 mark to see Billie take a sip of Moxie. Her reaction is hilarious, but also pretty much the standard reaction to anyone being ask to sip Moxie for the very first time. Make sure you don't have the video on mute because Billie Eilish wants you to know that Moxie tastes like....


Not anise, a spice that is a bit of an acquired taste in its own right. She said anus. There's a slew of people across this country and all over New England who are nodding their head yes right now.

So what do you think? Should we send Billie an Italian sandwich and some red snappers next?

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