So many new bathrooms...

The venue on Bangor's waterfront has been sitting quietly for the last couple of years. Back in 2019, there was show after show, and when the season ended, no one could've predicted what was next. At that point, they were just going to do some minor renovations and add some much-needed, dedicated bathrooms.

After several years of port-a-potties, this was the news we'd all been waiting for. And then of course... Covid. So, it would seem they just kept the expansion going until now when the Maine Savings Amphitheater is poised to become one of the finest outdoor concert venues just about anywhere. And yes... many, many brand new bathrooms.

The place is looking absolutely awesome.

I drive by the spot just about every day, so it's been kind of fun to watch the progress. And now it's at fever pitch, as the first show is just 9 days away. Country superstar Dierks Bentley will kick off the 2022 concert season. Just a few days ago, they put up fresh photos of their progress, and it looks stunning.

There are all sorts of new seats that are now attached, instead of the thousands of portable chairs that used to fill the venue. Plus, the concession areas will be totally updated, the ways of getting around inside will be much more streamlined, and again... countless places to use the restroom.

The 2022 concert season also pretty much establishes Bangor as a concert hot spot. I mean, we have some of the biggest names in all of the music business headed here. We were supposed to have the Foo Fighters but obviously canceled due to the death of Taylor Hawkins. But we're getting Aerosmith, Styx, REO Speedwagon, Dierks Bentley, two nights of country megastar Luke Combs, and countless other HUGE acts.

If people didn't know where Bangor, Maine was before, they're all about to find out.


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