We've yet to recover from the force of Bey-Z's latest bombshell, a nine-track LP titled Everything Is Love, which made its crash landing this Saturday (June 16).

The internet's first taste of Beyoncé and Jay-Z's new record appeared in the form of a music video for the LP's lead single "Apes--t," a noble, fine art show that takes place inside the power couple's favorite museum, which happens to be The Louvre Palace in Paris. That's right, Bey and Jay shut down a royal palace just for the visual.

On the track, jammed with lyrical ad-libs from Migos emcees Quavo and Offset, Queen Bey proves her hubby isn't the only rapid-fire wordsmith in the Carter household. And as evidenced in the tweets below, the Carters' impact has Twitter SHOOK.

"Beyoncé has all six infinity stones," one user wrote in response to EIL. "Beyoncé rapping better than all y’all faves lmaooooooo," another fan tweeted.

Scroll down for more insane Twitter reactions to Bey-Z's long-awaited joint album.

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